This Conversation

Me: Actually, dear, I have a confession to make. But not now, I guess, I’ll confess about it a year or more from now, so then we can laugh about it. Literary speaking.
Her: What is it, honey? Just tell me right now. We sure can laugh about it. Now or whenever.
Me: No. You don’t understand. Not now, my friend.
Her: Ohh, come on. You can tell me now.
Me: Nope.
Her: I insist. Just tell me or I’m dying wondering.
Me: *glance at her* No. Not now, darla.
Her: Pleaseeeeeeee.. I’m begging you. *whining*
Me: Okay.
Her: I’m listening. *waiting excitedly*
Me: We fall for the same guy. There. I said it.
Her: *shocked*
Me: Yeah.
Her: *gasping for air* No, we don’t.
Me: *sigh* No. My mistake. I fell for him, but right now you’re the one that adores him so much. You know, waiting for him calling you from some other place far far away. Starring at your PC, waiting for him to get online. Been there. Done that. Believe me.
Her: I hate you *walk away*
Me: *shout* The truth is ugly, sweetie.

P.S: She’ll come back. I’m sure about it. I love her so much that I don’t wanna lie about “our situation” here.


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