Who is “HatidanLogika”?

Trust me. I'm not goddes!

Trust me. I’m not goddes!

You can call her Tina. She fell in love with writing since she studied Journalism in Universitas Padjadjaran. Now, she works as journalist in Jakarta.

Started this blog in 2010 and never thought she can keep writing till now. That’s a good thing,  I supposed. She writes mostly about events she attended, place she traveled, and fiction that inspired by “curhatan” from her friends.

If you want to know more about her, you can check her timeline on Twitter and Facebook. Or you can explore her personal life on her tumblr.

Anyway, she wants to know more about you (yes, you!), so dont forget to leave comments with your website link so she can track you down, okay, Love? :’)


7 respons untuk ‘Who is “HatidanLogika”?

  1. haloo.. kata orang tak sopan mampir tanpa bertukar salam atau ninggalin jejak. tadinya aku gak sengaja mampir karena lagi search tentang bang ‘Samuel Tumanggor’, ternyata ada dokumentasi kelas menulisnya disini, dan tanpa sadar aku jadi keasikan membaca judul demi judul tulisan di blog ini.. 😉 thanks yah

  2. Hi Tina. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog. I hope you find it useful – there are usualy a few posts each month on writing, which are usually the most popular, but I like to write stories about my life too – a bit like what you say here – when things inspire me enough that I want to share them. Good luck with your blog.

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